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Terms and conditions

Monsieur Papillon breeds butterflies for the pleasure and the beauty. Agreements with custumers are convivial but taken seriously by Monsieur Papillon.
He will do all he can to provide the right quantity of healthy untattered butterflies you need, when you want them. It is better to reserve as soon as possible. If Monsieur Papillon cumulates orders in the time period you need your butterflies, he will contact you for a confirmation and a deposit.

You can cancel your order anytime because of rain or any other reason and their will be no fee. If it would happen that Monsieur Papillon could not provide for all your butterfly needs, he will not be held accountable.

For postal deliveries, the bill must be paid in advance and someone must be at the predetermined address at the time of delivery.

The cooler will have to be kept in a cool dry place till the event.

Happy release !