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Information and pricing

Butterflies releases are practiced from May to September inclusive. You can pick the butterflies to avoid shipping costs. Mr. Butterfly specializes in the breeding of the Painted Lady butterfly.

You can now order directly online!

Pricing for the Painted Lady butterfly:

  1. 15 to 100 butterflies: $7.75 per butterfly
  2. 101 to 500 butterflies: $7.25 per butterfly
  3. 500 butterflies and over: $6.25 per butterfly
  4. For schools, educational facilities and charities: $5.75 per butterfly (minimum purchase of 50 butterflies)

The cooler and iced packs ($10 and over) for preserving butterflies is provided free with the purchase of 15 butterflies and more at regular price.


The refrigerated butterflies are inserted individually in small triangular boxes that are placed in a beautiful decorative cooler.

When you receive your package:

  • Place the cooler containing the butterflies in the refrigerator and put the icepak in the freezer till you are ready to release the butterflies.
  • If you are travelling with the butterflies replace the cold icepak in the cooler.
  • One hour before releasing the butterflies take the cooler out of the refrigerator and or the icepak out of the cooler and let the butterflies warm up slowly.
  • Never place the box containing the butterflies in the sun

The release

  1. Choose a person who will take charge of the release.
  2. Have a list of the people who will release the butterflies.
  3. Get together and distribute the little triangular boxes.
  4. Slowly read the old Legend.
  5. Take a pause to make a silent wish and to allow the photograghs to take place.
  6. Release the butterflies and cherish the moment forever.

  • The butterflies should not be confined more than 72 hours and should be released at least two hours before sundown, above 17 degrees celcius or 65 degrees farenheit.
  • Do not release under the rain.
  • Do not leave the release box in the hot sun for any period of time.

A text explaining the release of butterflies is included.

Keep a few butterflies cold and use them for photography, that will give you time to place them and take pictures before they fly away.